Friday, October 10, 2014

Fall Running in Nevada

Running in Nevada during the fall can still be a little warm, but there is no shortage of races.  There are at least 10 Half Marathons in Nevada from October through December alone,  which are a combination of both road races and trail race half marathons.  This weekend, the National Nurses Half Marathon takes place in the beautiful Red Rock area outside of Las Vegas, a beautiful scenic half marathon and a bucket list addition.  Of course there is the popular Rock'n'Roll Las Vegas Half Marathon, just weeks away as well, for those that seek to do a little night running along the strip at night.  Nevada is also home to many great trail half marathon races, with it's many canyons and national forests wide spread across the state.  While the temperature appears to be a little warmer than average over the next week, the Average temps in Nevada for the end of October through November tend to range in the low to mid 70's, and lower 70's toward the end of November, which can make for a nice cool morning run for those that like to run in the cooler temperatures.  Nevada wraps the half marathon year up with a half marathon at Hoover Dam in mid December 2014, which also includes a marathon and 10k distance run.

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